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TN9400 Core Network P25 Trunking Phase1/Phase 2

Engineered with multiple levels of redundancy, the TN9400 ensures continuous mission-critical communications through highly available server clusters, site trunking and failsoft. Using web-based management tools, organizations can also maximize efficiencies with remote fleet monitoring, network configuration and system upgrades. End-to-end encryption is built in for secure transmissions. This P25 solution also supports worker safety through capabilities for multiple call types, radio alerts, text messaging and status updates.
  • Reliable P25 Emergency Services Communications

    The L3Harris TN9400’s IP-based connectivity provides flexible network design and seamless future expansion. This Core solution, powered by Tait, supports Phase 1 and Phase 2 technologies, making it easier to connect to other P25 networks for robust information flow across wide geographic areas.

  • Key Benefits

    • IP-based for flexible network design and future expansion
    • Provides interoperability through multiple operating modes—P25 trunking Phase 1 and Phase 2
    • Reliable communications supported through multiple levels of redundancy
    • Remote web-based network tools increase operational efficiencies
    • Multiple call types, alerts and status updates enhance workforce safety