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Symphony™ Dispatch Console

Designed with real dispatchers in mind, the Symphony Dispatch Console meets the rugged needs and high reliability demands of a Public Safety Dispatch center.
  • A dispatch console experience designed by you

    Symphony simplifies complex dispatch center operations through a logical user interface. Dispatchers arrange their most-utilized frequent functions in a customized interface to maximize productivity.

  • Place the Baton on any screen, anywhere

    Symphony’s patented Baton technology makes complex tasks simple by directly integrating with your existing 9-1-1 and CAD software, allowing full integration of LMR communications and CAD on a single monitor, mouse and keyboard.

  • Focus on what is important to you

    Customize your screen with multi-tabbed modules; enabling you to move audio to different speakers, replay calls and handle emergency calls. All personalized just for you.

L3Harris’ Symphony™ Dispatch Console Simplifies Workflow