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Technology Training

At Harris, we invite you – our valued customer – to take advantage of our wide range of online and in-person training courses. Receiving training from our expert instructors will improve your user experience and proficiency with your new mission-critical Harris equipment.
  • Technical Training Services

    Our Technical Training Services offer a variety of online and in-person training courses to ensure your complete understanding and successful use of your Harris solution and devices. We offer a blended learning approach with hands-on exercises and web-based training strategies. Training courses are regularly scheduled at our training facilities in Lynchburg, VA. Additionally, courses can be conducted at your location.

  • Learn Online

    Our state-of-the-art, web-based learning is the perfect solution for users who need the flexibility to complete training at their own pace. We are constantly expanding our online training program. Contact Harris PSPC Training for the latest in course availability and pricing.