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MASTR® V DCP Simulcast

The MASTR V Distributed Control Point (DCP) Simulcast system provides a reliable solution for wide-area coverage demands in frequency-constrained systems. Where there is need to extend coverage to multiple agencies in a common territory, the MASTR V DCP Simulcast System from Harris is a flexible and proven solution to deliver increased capacity to enhance a customer’s critical communication needs.
  • Operating Modes

    • P25IP Trunking
    • P25IP Conventional Simulcast 
  • Available Bands

    • VHF
    • UHF
    • 700 MHz
    • 800 MHz 
    • 900 MHz
  • Features

    • Narrowband Capable
    • Software upgradeable to P25 Phase 2 
    • Linear Simulcast for superior coverage 
    • Single control point manages up to 17 Transmit sites and up to 24 channels
    • VIDA® network-based Information Assurance support