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Crescendo™ Portable Automated Communications Command Center

The Crescendo™ provides a quickly established automated command center that allows personnel in disaster recovery or in-field incident response environments to use their existing communications to rapidly interoperate with others.
  • Rapid Deployment

    Lightweight and transportable, Crescendo is easily deployed into the field, making it ideal for disasterrecovery and rapid onsite incident response. The system provides flexible and seamless communications between IP and analog phones, radios and cellular equipment. Its extremely compact footprint fits easily into a vehicle or the overhead locker of most aircraft. Based on our advanced end-to-end Voice over IP (VoIP) product, SwitchplusIP®, the Crescendo allows a wide variety of communications systems to be automatically routed, patched and conferenced together—making it a truly interoperable communications solution for those in the field.

  • Mobile Command Center

    Used on its own, a single Crescendo can provide a powerful standalone command center for multi-faceted operations or be preconfigured for unmanned operation. The touch screen-based operator position allows initiation of voice communications  across multiple bearers and Push-to-Talk (PTT) access to multiple local and remote radio networks. For extended reach, multiple Crescendo units can be dynamically networked and connect to third-party systems via open-standards VoIP.

  • Information Flow

    During critical incidents, Crescendo lets senior management stay current with what’s occurring in the field—in real time. From any fixed or mobile phone, management can monitor all radio traffic, and even transmit audio if necessary. Post-incident reviews and training are enhanced by a log of all actions and events combined with actual voice transmissions. This feature ensures that incidents can be completely reconstructed for review and analysis purposes.