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About Harris

During its 120-year history, Harris has transformed communications and information technology. From day one, we have focused on providing innovative, reliable solutions that connect, inform and protect the world. We design, build and deliver solutions for today’s network-centric battlespace; current and next-generation ground, in-vehicle and airborne tactical radios, and advanced command and control battle management systems. When darkness falls, our night vision technologies lead the way with real-time connectivity, thermal fusion abilities, and Gen 3 image intensifiers with unmatched clarity, low- and no-light performance and superior tube longevity. First responders rely on us for anytime, anywhere connectivity through converged P25 LMR and LTE two-way radios, innovative network applications and mission-critical communication platforms. Our Digital Mobile Radio open-standard solutions enhance worker safety and efficiencies, and are scalable, allowing organizations to grow systems as their needs change.


About Tait

Our vision is to create safer, more proactive organizations by redefining the boundaries of critical communications. With nearly 50 years’ experience in radio, we’re passionate about the future of critical communications. Technology is always changing, and this excites us because it means better results for our customers. We love solving problems and approach each one with innovative, customer-focused thinking. Our aim is to be at the cutting edge, to give customers reliable tools that provide positive change to the way their organization works. As of September 1st, 2016, Harris Corporation’s Public Safety and Professional Communications business has become Tait Communications’ exclusive distributor in North America (including the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico) following the signing of a strategic agreement that unites both manufacturers’ sales channels.

Through Nova Communications a Division of ROCK Networks, we work to connect your company with an industry-leading portfolio of top wireless partners and suppliers including Motorola Solutions, Zebra Technologies, Bell, Cambium Networks, and Cisco.