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LaaS - LMR as a Service

The Harris LMR as a Service (LaaS) VIDA Core is the latest evolution of Harris' VIDA systems. The LaaS Core provides call management, network management, crypto management and Information Assurance (IA) protection.
  • LMR as a Service

    The LaaS Core is a set of virtual machine applications installed and integrated within a customer’s existing virtual environment. A popular alternative to the traditional model of installing, configuring and maintaining new hardware, LaaS brings new capabilities and minimizes customer ownership costs by reducing power, space, and environmental requirements that would normally be needed for a separate (hardware-based) P25 land mobile radio system.

    The LaaS Core provides and performs all the mission-critical services of a traditional hardware-based P25 system—but in a virtualized environment.

    LaaS provides a fully scalable, full-featured communications solution for the public safety and public services markets. Its affordability is governed by the nature of the truly integrated services on existing customer hardware.

    As it frees them from the need to continually plan for capacity and capabilities in advance, organizations recognize that LaaS as a smart option. The LaaS Core gives managers and operators the flexibility to “right-size” the solution as needs evolve. This type of flexibility reduces the gap in time to use new functionality and realize increased benefits.

  • Key Benefits

    • Uses existing hardware
    • Reduces operating costs
    • Saves space
    • Simplifies management
    • Scales as you grow